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About Us

We do have bylaws as well as some rules of conduct.  All persons who intend to fly remote control aircraft at the Falcons R/C Club flying field are REQUIRED to be a current member of the Academy of Model Aviation (AMA). A current AMA membership card must accompany all persons engaged in flying or operating a remote control vehicle on the field property. This is a requirement of the Corps Of Engineers (from whom we lease our field) and applies to everyone (members and non-members).  

Refer to our Field Rules page for details.

Club Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at the Lake Cities United Methodist Church, 300 E. Hundley Dr., Lake Dallas, Texas 75065.

2022 Officers and Appointed Positions:

President - Butch Mallam
Vice-President - Jeff Budemer
Treasurer - Mike Duran
Secretary - Linda Eakle
Safety - Larry Buchwalter, John Vise

Webmaster - 

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